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When I want Burger King I know that this is the only place that I can get Onion Rings with my burger, unless I want to wait 20-30 minutes for a burger. Fast food specialist, and Onion Rings, can only be had at none other than Burger King. The home of the Whopper! Enjoy the great taste of charbroiled burgers with tasty fries, and onion rings and a Coke.

Other great menu items are chicken fingers, and spicy (hot) chicken fingers, and of course the classic chicken sandwich, one of my personal favorites. With every meal, you could add tasty deserts, like cakes, and pies, along with a nice assortment of soda beverages (from the Coke family), coffee, tea, and orange juice for the breakfast items, as well as the lunch and dinner items.

Many times the fast food company compete very well for your business and are geared towards bringing the consumer in for a great product, Burger King delivers each and every time when you want a good product to go along with great tasting food! Enjoy the Burger King menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The Burger King All Beef Hot Dog Crashed The Menu

Burger King All Beef Hot Dog Returns…

Making a comeback is the all “Beef Hot Dog” added to the Burger King menu. This item has been on the Burger King menu before some years back, and now in an effort to bring back some fans to the menu again, it returns. I have had it a few times already, and I can tell you that the taste is good, and you can get the all Beef Hot Dog in a variety of ways to include, Chili Dog, Chili Cheese Dogs, and regular Ketchup and Mustard as well. It makes a good meal with some Onion Rings, and a Coke.

So remember the all new Beef Hot Dog the next time you want to eat something new, and different with that great charbroiled taste. That’s what new with the Burger King Menu.

The New Burger King Menu

Burger King New Menu

Well after many years of disregarding the need for a new look to the Burger King menu, other than specialty burgers. Burger King has finally said enough is enough. Making every attempt to make sure that they are not looking ahead at other burger giants like McDonald’s they took stock in their own revamping of their menu.

I love the Burger King burgers and love the changes made to their burger menu, but to be honest they needed to do this and make other changes to attract other customers. The frosted beverages like the smoothies were something that they needed to do. My kids love smoothies anytime of the day, and to be honest it was the main reason that we were making way more visits to McDonald’s. This was the case even though we enjoy the Burger king burgers more.

New Burger King Commercial

In case you did not know it commercials make people buy certain items, and one of those items is food. They have hired many well known faces to help promote the new changes to the Burger King menu prices. Celebrities like Jay Leno, Mary J. Blige, Salma Hayek, Steven Tyler, and Sofia Vergara have come on board to help promote the new changes to their menu. Even International heartthrob David Beckham is being used to help their flame broiled fame-fueled influence in these new ad campaigns for Burger King.

New Burger King Burger

You know something at BK is aiming to be more than just new burgers, heck they do that every three months or so. But there is always more news from the flame broiled king than the mere addition of a few mushrooms on a Whopper with cheese. This is the first time in its 58-year history, that BK has expanded its offerings broader than ever with the addition of 10 new items in different variations. McDonald’s the most vast competitor to all of the fast food bullies on the block always seems to be in the drivers seat. Wars that have played out over the years between the McDonald’s Big Mac and Burger King’s The Whopper are not the focus of the new items that were revealed by the Burger King. Burger King has instead focused on chicken and specialty frozen drinks, and salads. Want to try these new creations by the flame broiled giant?  Find a list of the Burger King locations in your area.

The Burger King Bundle Adds Value To Their Menu

Do you want a quick meal and savings galore?  The Burger King menu prices is offering you something you will not soon forget.  The Burger King bundle for the low price of $9.99.  What is the Burger King bundle?  Well in essence the bundle consists of the following items from the Burger King menu.  This is what is included.  A kid’s meal (your choice), 1 Whooper and 1 Whopper Jr., two small fries, two drinks all for the low price of $9.99.  This is going to be for a limited time only so in order to get on this action you are going to have to go soon and try it out.  It is a great way to save some money and enjoy a meal from the broiled king of the burger industry.  The only thing better than this is free, and for a limited time you too can get a BK free online gift card and get free food from your favorite fast food chain, Burger King! Get started on your gift card today.

The Burger King menu has been one of the more competitive menus on the go.  The dollar menu sports a little bit of everything for everyone.  The Burger King dollar menu has to keep up with the other fast food restaurants because everywhere you go these companies are competing for your business.  McDonalds dollar menu has items like the McChicken, the McDouble, and a host of other items that make it a very attractive menu.  The Wendy’s dollar menu offers you items like a frosty, the Monterrey Chicken ranch sandwich, and of course the Wendy’s double stack, and a small chili.

What are some of the Burger King dollar menu items in my area?

  • The Whopper JR.
  • The Chicken tenders (5 piece)
  • value small fries
  • garden salad (small)
  • value onion rings
  • quarter pounder double cheeseburger

The Burger King menu has always been one of the favorite menus for my family and me.  Now with the aid of free online gift cards, there can be something more to expect from this fast food giant.  Free food who says no to that?  Treat your family to the great taste of Burger King with this exclusive free food gift card just for you.