The Burger King Menu Offers 2 For $5


The Burger King Menu Prices Mix And Match

Fast food serves its purpose. The Burger King menu prices serves up a new mix and match 2 for $5.00 and this serves two purposes. Easy on the wallet and great tasting Burger King food. What does this mean to the loyal readers of this blog and BK fans everywhere? Well it means that for a limited time right now, you can mix and match many of your favorite sandwiches for one low price of just 5 bucks. While you are here try and land a BK gift card just for you so that your meals can cost you close to nothing. Free gift cards for Burger King are right here for a limited time, complete your request here. Free Burger King gift card.

What Are Some Of The Sandwiches You Can Mix and Match At BK?

Well like any promotion there are always exclusions to any deal. But for the most part all of the favorite sandwiches and burgers are eligible for this mix and match offer by Burger King. The Burger King menu prices are always competitive and here is a short list of the some of the burgers and sandwiches that you are allowed to mix and match with this new deal.

  • The Whopper
  • The Fish Sandwich (a.k.a. The Whaler)
  • The original chicken sandwich
  • The Bacon-cheddar burger (new)

In addition to these deals there are always the regular deals listed on the Burger King dollar menu, and the regular value meal menu. Some of those great items are fries, burgers, kids meals (with a variety of new sides), and great tasting pies and other deserts. For those that are on the healthy kick, there are also the great tasting variety of salads fresh to go or enjoy them in the dining area.

For those of you that are new to the fast food wars, or visiting the country for the first time, you must know that many of these companies are always competing against each other. The great news is that the consumer is always the winner. Check out the following menu prices of famous and popular restaurants in our country. Some of the menu prices to consider are the following:

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  • The Checkers/Rally Menu
  • The Kentucky Fried Chicken Menu

The Burger King Gift Card

OK, so you already know of the great taste of the BK food right? How would you like to make your next visit to Burger King complete with a Burger King gift card? Perhaps you can enjoy your meal for free. The great taste of fire grilled burgers are just a few minutes away for you and your family. Get your free BK gift card right here today!