Burger King Menu Prices Offer True Bargains

With three days a week of mouth watering offers, the Burger King Menu Prices offers the best deals out there. From the Chicken sandwich, to the whopper, to the soaker fish sandwich. Who needs to fish, with the Burger King dollar menu out there? Whether the day is Monday, Wednesday or Friday, there are three days a week that this fast food guru aims to help. Have you seen the commercials with the King putting money into the pockets of customers, well they have finally found a way to do it without being intrusive.  However, if you want to start eating healthy, I can show you how for free!

The Whopper, pictured here is the premier flame broiled hamburger on the market. If you need a napkin here, it’s for the other mouth watering condiments that come with the burger and not the grease spilling off your burger. Few can deny that this is one tasty burger. With the rest of the deals, you get two sandwiches for one low price, check the local stores in your area for the days of your Burger King menu prices.

In Miami, I can tell you that they offer 2 (two) chicken sandwiches for the low price of $1.50 each, as well as the fish sandwich and the Whopper. In Canada there are Burger King menus that offer 2 Whoppers for $5.00 after 5:00 p.m. You can get the value meals for an additional price. The Burger King coupons have all but disappeared because of the daily specials and the Burger King dollar menu, but hey I will take it. There still is more bang for your buck here, hands down.  Do you want another great choice for free?